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Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Yokogawa Electric Corporation dates back to 1915. Today, it is one of the strongest and largest companies in the global industrial automation market. The key to success of Yokogawa Electric Corporation is that the company is not only as a supplier of equipment, but it also offers complete turnkey automation solutions, while providing a full range of services necessary when deploying new equipment, as well as its warranty and post-warranty servicing. This approach provides flexibility in solving technical problems arising from the automation of technological processes, and allows us to offer the best equipment for each project. On the other hand, it provides maximum convenience to a customer: they deal with one equipment supplier, providing them with the choice of all components, from the control system to with low-level automation and shut-off and control valves.

In addition, YOKOGAWA is one of the leading companies in the production of test and measuring equipment. Due to this, in addition to control systems and low-level automation devices, the company also offers equipment for metrological laboratories and instrumentation services.

In Ukraine, Yokogawa Electric Corporation is represented by Yokogawa Electric Ukraine LLC. The direction of the Ukrainian representative office coincides with the activities of Yokogawa Electric CIS LLC, which means that the equipment supplied and the services provided will be consistent with the current regulations and principles enshrined in the CIS countries.

Фото: Сертификат Yokogawa

OGCS is an official partner of Yokogawa Electric Corporation. The corresponding agreement was signed on August 14, 2014 and is the result of a long and successful cooperation with Yokogawa Electric Ukraine LLC.

As a result of this partnership, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, represented by the representative office in Ukraine of Yokogawa Electric Ukraine LLC, provides our company with the following opportunities:

  • OGCS is considered as a partnering engineering company in the projects for automation of various production processes based on Yokogawa equipment.
  • Yokogawa Electric Ukraine LLC intends to attract OGCS for assembly and installation operations, including assembly, installation and commissioning of PCS cabinets.
  • Yokogawa Electric Ukraine LLC is ready to ensure the supply of modern high-quality equipment manufactured by Yokogawa for participating in various projects.
  • A training plan for OGCS experts was developed and approved to improve qualifications and skills in working with new equipment manufactured by Yokogawa.

It is a great honor and responsibility for our company to cooperate with the world leader, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, in the area of automation of production processes. Our company has done quite a lot to get this right, and each member of OGCS team makes every effort, and applies their knowledge and experience to provide quality services as part of partnership agreements with Yokogawa Electric Ukraine LLC.

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