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YOKOGAWA EP-Analytics: Analysis of the enterprise energy efficiency

“Yokogawa Electric Corporation” announced the release of software for analyzing energy efficiency – “EP-Analytics”. It is a tool that uses energy performance indicators (EEI) to control energy consumption at an enterprise and to determine the discrepancy between the target EE and the actual ones. It also helps in identifying counter-measures to improve energy efficiency. The EP-Analytics program is based on the solution for controlling and optimizing the power supply of Visual MESA ™.

Background for development

Manufacturing companies around the world are making enormous efforts to increase their own energy efficiency and protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In 2011, the ISO50001 standard was issued, setting a system of requirements that help the processing industry companies manage their energy performance effectively and work in accordance with the requirements of the legislation. “YOKOGAWA” is one of the leading suppliers of advanced solutions and management tools for the processing industry. The company also successfully helps the industrial enterprises save energy by optimizing the operation of their plants. In 2013, “YOKOGAWA” acquired a significant stake in “Soteica Visual MESA”, which is one of the world’s leading suppliers of energy management systems and has a solid experience in supplying solutions for power supply systems for large industrial enterprises. Owing to the partnership with “Soteica”, today “YOKGAWA” can offer its customers a Visual MESA solution. EP-Analytics – Enterprise Energy Imaging Software – is based on the “YOKOGAWA” knowledge in the field of process engineering and operation, and uses the technology of management and optimization of power supply –  Visual MESA by ”Soteica”.

Product characteristics

To increase energy efficiency, it is first of all necessary to understand how the energy is used by each process unit. By visualizing and monitoring the energy consumption of each unit, it is easy to identify points of low efficiency. The EP-Analytics program is run on a workstation connected via the OPC protocol to the control system, giving the program access to process data, such as pressure, temperature, flow, etc. Based on the Visual MESA modeling engine, EP-Analytics uses accurate physical-based models to track energy flows in the enterprise and calculates energy efficiency indicators for each individual process unit and unit of equipment. This software also compares the actual performance with the expected energy performance for identifying assemblies and equipment operating at reduced efficiency. This information can be used by the enterprise staff to plan specific countermeasures.

Key characteristics

  1. Precise computational engine of EP-Analytics uses models based on the physical principles to calculate accurately the energy consumption of turbines, boilers and other systems and equipment. It also calculates the mass balance of steam and other energy carriers that are fed into the process, and can thus quantify energy losses and other imbalances in the overall system.
  2. EP-Analytics is designed to support manufacturing enterprises when implementing the ISO50001 standard. The program supports the methodology used in ISO50001, for example, the PDCA cycle (planning – execution – verification – adoption of measures), as well as such actions as management analysis. The British Standards Institute (BSI) estimated the coverage and functionality of EP-Analytics software in relation to the basic requirements of Std. ISO 50001:2011E. The BSI confirmed that the “YOKOGAWA” report on EP-Analytics functions does indicate the possibility of reliable data visualization and compliance with the ISO50001:2011E standard.
  3. Since EP-Analytics uses the same energy calculation engine as in Visual MESA, there is a possibility of increasing functionality of EP-Analytics up to the Visual MESA system, which allows to optimize the energy consumption of the enterprise in real time, without interrupting operation of other systems and equipment. It was for this task that Visual MESA was developed, which today is used by the largest energy companies around the world. And if it is necessary to improve the energy efficiency of the process itself, “YOKOGAWA” is ready to offer a whole range of solutions for advanced process control and operation management.

When speaking about this new proposal from “YOKOGAWA”, the head of the Advanced Solutions Division (Headquarters for Services and Solutions), Mr. Kim Hok Tao, said: “Energy legislation is gradually becoming tougher, which leads to an increase in energy costs. Obviously, our customers are interested in finding ways to use measuring and control tools more effectively in order to improve their energy performance. Thanks to its comprehensive solutions, “YOKOGAWA” has something to offer. I’m glad that today we were able to add EP-Analytics to our solutions, in partnership with “Soteica”. In the future, our division will continue to supply the most advanced energy efficiency solutions.”

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