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Automated process control systems / Instrumentation & automation

Control of technological processes with the use of automatic devices provides for the formulation and solution of the following tasks: measurement of technological parameters of processes, adjustment, signaling of deviations from set points, protection of equipment in emergency situations.

Automation of production processes begins with formulation of the problem, which determines the level of automation of the automation object. After that, the vector of further work, its volume, composition and cost is determined. The key to solving the automation task is the choice of platform – the type and level of the control system, the principles of measuring processing parameters and means of measurement.

The “OIL, GAS & CHEMISTRY SERVICE, LTD.” company performs designing of automated process control systems, emergency protection systems and local automation tools. It also performs designing of technological objects in the field of instrumentation and automation.

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The automation of production processes begins when a task that determines the automation level is being set ...

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