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On June 26, 2019 Oil Gas And Chemistry Service, LLC celebrated its 6th anniversary. Each year, the company maintains its development dynamics. The team sees the key to success, above all, in the policy of continuous professional development of all employees. During 6 years, employees have implemented many complex and interesting projects in enterprises throughout [ Подробнее … ]

The management of Oil Gas And Chemistry Service, LLC understands that the key to success is the highly qualified personnel; therefore, they constantly strive to improve the skills of employees. As part of this policy, the company’s experts took a course on the complex automation system SIMATIC PCS 7. The training took place in Lviv [ Подробнее … ]

Our employees, together with representatives of the All-Ukrainian State Scientific and Production Center for Standardization, Metrology and Certification, attended the calibration of the Krone ultrasonic flow meters. This type of flow meters is widely used in natural gas metering. The calibration was carried out by FORCE TECHNOLOGY (Denmark) — one of the few companies in [ Подробнее … ]

Oil Gas And Chemistry Service, LLC experts took part in a technical seminar dedicated to Siemens products. The event took place in Odessa on December 20, 2018. The seminar addressed the following issues: The main automation development trends; The overview of the new TIA Portal 15 version. The management system backup using S7-1500RH controllers. Vibrostan [ Подробнее … ]

Within the framework of the professional development program, Oil Gas And Chemistry Service, LLC employees visited Rittal GmbH & Co. KG in the city of Herborn (Germany) on September 4-6, 2018. Rittal is a member of the Friedhelm Loh Group and a leading global supplier of distribution cabinets and shell equipment. In addition, the company’s [ Подробнее … ]

As part of the Continuous Professional Development Program, Oil Gas And Chemistry Service, LLC employees have successfully completed the training “SMART SOLUTIONS: from Wonderware and Unitronics,” held on August 8, 2018 in the conference hall of the Aleksandrovskaya Hotel (Odessa). The seminar was devoted to the new approach of programming controllers. The attendees learned ways [ Подробнее … ]

On July 19-20 the DTEK Academy in Kiev hosted a training course “Project Management” in which a number of employees of our company took part. The training was conducted by the leading specialists in this field: Maksym Dudnikov is a professional business coach of the DTEK Academy (work experience of 5 years, management experience in [ Подробнее … ]

The “OGC Service” company again managed to win the prestigious national award “The Choice of Ukraine 2018”, thereby confirming its leading position in the field of creating automated control systems for the enterprises of our country. We would like to remind you that the company won a similar award last year, and the year before [ Подробнее … ]

Our company “OGC SERVICE, LTD.” celebrates a small, but significant anniversary – on June 26 we are 5 years old! And you can already say with firmness that the company has actualized itself. That it has taken its niche in the design and implementation of solutions in the field of computer-aided process control systems and [ Подробнее … ]

Employees of the “OGC Service” company visited the World Industrial Exhibition, recently held in Hanover (Germany). This is one of the largest similar events dedicated to the achievements of high technology, innovation and industrial automation. Participation in this exhibition helps its participants to keep abreast of the latest achievements in their field, hence more effectively [ Подробнее … ]

The “OIL, GAS AND CHEMISTRY SERVICE” company constantly strives to improve qualification of its employees, knowing full well that the key to success is the highly qualified personnel. An example of such a development of the staff is training at the training course “100% Leadership”, which took place within March 01 to 02, 2018 at [ Подробнее … ]

The end of 2017 was marked by a new success of our company. As a result of its activities, “OGC SERVICE” was awarded the prestigious international award “The Enterprise of the Year 2017”, which is awarded in 58 countries. The representative commission recognized the success of our company in the following areas: achievement of significant [ Подробнее … ]

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