Инжиниринговая компания «Нефтегазхим Сервис»

OGC Service received the quality star

OGC Service has received many awards, but there is a one we especially value. It is Zirka Yakosti 2019 (Quality Star 2019) we received as the best country’s company from the National Rating of the Quality of Goods and Services.

This award recognizes the best companies in Ukraine selected during the independent ranking of enterprises on the basis of financial and economic indicators. The comparative analysis method was approved by the Committee for Economic Development and the Panel of Congresses. The main evaluation criteria are current assets, net profit, and sales revenue.

We are proud to have received such a high award, and we must act up to it. Therefore, our company is constantly developing, improving its quality standards, and regularly conducts training courses for the employees.

Звезда качества 2019 у OGCS

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