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The automation of production processes begins when a task that determines the automation level is being set ...

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The specialists of our company have experience in implementing various projects in the field of automation of industrial facilities and productions. We have automated many industrial facilities based on the equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, such as Yokogawa, Emerson Process Management, Honeywell, Allen Bradley, Siemens and others.

The employees of our company carried out both direct work on the design of management systems and preparation of materials for design institutes and they provided consulting services for design organizations and technological services of enterprises. At the moment, our organization has all the necessary licenses for the design (development and implementation) of the process control systems and instrumentation. We are ready to organize and conduct the whole complex of works on installation of instrumentation, on laying cable routes, on installation and connection of sensors, field devices and actuators.

The “Oil, Gas and Chemistry Service, Ltd.” company carries out work on implementation of automated process control systems, including selection, assembly, installation on site. Our specialists:

  • will develop the logic of the automated object;
  • will select or create the necessary software and hardware;
  • will select and program industrial controllers;
  • will prepare operator stations or local operator panels for interaction of service personnel with an automated object;
  • will arrange systems for archiving or accumulating data on the parameters of the production process and the operator’s actions.

Our company is ready to develop both integrated control systems for large industrial facilities with several thousand parameters, and local automation systems for individual units. And also to organize interaction between management systems of different manufacturers, to transfer process parameters to the upper level in the enterprise management systems, to monitor remote objects via wireline and wireless communication lines.

In addition, our employees can elaborate a design of operator and equipment premises, taking into account not only customer’s requirements, but comfort and safety of servicing the equipment installed, as well, and a possibility of its expanding and modernization.