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Software development and migration of the control system for the commercial gas metering unit in PJSC “AZOT”, Cherkasy

The unit of commercial metering of natural gas consumption in PJSC “Cherkassy AZOT” was put into commercial operation in 1998 on the basis of the hardware and software of the «CENTUM GS» of the “YOKOGAWA” company. The algorithm of calculation and applied software were developed jointly by JSC “AZOT” and “Yokogawa Electric Corp.”, Japan.

The unit is designed to measure the amount of natural gas consumption obtained through two inputs, to bring it to the standard conditions, to make up reports and to provide current information to the dispatcher in real time. Flow measurement is carried out using standard diaphragms, density meters, temperature sensors, excess and atmospheric pressure sensors. To ensure maximum reliability, all sensors are duplicated. As the field instrumentation, the sensors produced by “Yokogawa” are used.

In connection with preparation for  introduction in Ukraine Std. GOST 8.586.1 … 5: 2009 (ISO 5167-1 … 4: 2003)  “Metrology: Measurement of flow and quantity of liquids and gases using standard narrowing devices”, the algorithm was elaborated and  the appropriate application software was preparedfor calculating  volume and flow of natural gas at the metering units using standard apertures and other flow metering devices. This algorithm has a flexible structure and allows you to calculate with a high accuracy the real instantaneous consumption of natural gas and bring its parameters to standard conditions.

In 2014, the natural gas metering station was migrated from CENTUM GS to CENTUM VP 5.03.00.

In the process of migration, the above algorithm was successfully implemented at the Natural Gas Accounting Point of PJSC “AZOT” in Cherkassy, which was confirmed by certificate No. 39.1774.13 dated December 26, 2013 issued by the State Enterprise “All-Ukrainian State Research and Production Center on standardization, metrology, certification and consumer protection “(SE” Ukrmetrteststandard “). The calculated instant gas flow rates are accumulated per hour and recorded in the database to make up reports on the consumed natural gas.

The system forms the following kinds of reports: calendar daily, calendar month, contract daily, contract monthly for each input separately and total for two inputs.

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