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Expanding the company fleet

In order to improve the quality and efficiency of servicing customers’ equipment and systems, OGC SERVICE significantly expands its fleet.

As part of the expansion, the Company has purchased 8 new Renault vehicles and transferred them to the company’s services.

You can never have too much cars, especially when expanding the company’s activities! Despite the crisis and the economic growth slowdown, our company expands its current activities and starts conducting new ones! Now these cars, with easily recognizable logos, can be seen both at well-known and new gas stations!

If you see the “white cars” with a blue-black logo at a gas station, it evidences the reliable and trouble-free operation of the gas station equipment and is a guarantee of timely quality service!

The acquisition of new vehicles will allow our company to significantly increase stability and the range of services provided.

By making the right decisions, we will overcome any crisis together!

Новые автомобили «НЕФТЕГАЗХИМ СЕРВИС»

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