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Providing outsourcing services

The “OIL, GAS & CHEMISTRY SERVICE, LTD.” company  provides outsourcing services for servicing the instrumentation / process control system, allowing its customers to concentrate all their efforts on what they do best – the development of their business.

The basic principle of outsourcing says: I leave in my company only core divisions, those that makes a profit. I give all the accompanying processes – to outside contractors.

We are ready to offer our Customers several scenarios for implementation of the outsourcing model:

  1. The staff and the operation support facilities
    • We use our own personnel and operation support facilities;
    • We transfer the relevant personnel from the Customer to our staff and rent his operation support facilities.
  2. Method of formation of the service contract budget
    • The budget of the service contract is formed on the basis of the current estimate of the Customer’s costs of maintaining the relevant personnel using budget optimization in the agreed amounts;
    • The service contract is based on the list of services and tariffs for their provision. The annual budget for these services is spent by the Customer based on the volume of the services ordered.

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