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Three years in the market of service in the sphere of ACS and instrumentation

On June 26 the “OGC SERVICE, LTD.” company  celebrates the third anniversary of its foundation (it was founded on June 26, 2013). During this period the enterprise became one of the leaders in the field of designing ACS and instrumentation and their implementation.

Recognition of the high level of the proposed solutions of the “OGC SERVICE” is the company’s winning of high national awards:

  • EXPERT CONCLUSION for 2014 and 2015, assigned to companies based on the results of the rating research.
  • STELLA “STAR AWARD FOR QUALITY” for 2014 and 2015 which is given to companies for their considerable contribution into development of the national economy.

On the eve of its significant date, the company won the next STELLA “STAR AWARD FOR QUALITY” and “EXPERT CONCLUSION” on the results of its work for the first half of 2016!

Now the company employs more than two hundred highly qualified specialists (expert level) capable of solving any complexity of the task.

Do you want to get the solutions you need in the field of process control and instrumentation of the highest level? Please, contact the “OGC SERVICE”.

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