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Up-to-date instruments and means of automation produced by the YOKOGAWA” company have been transferred to students of the Kalush Polytechnic college

In pursuance of the agreement on cooperation between the Kalush Polytechnic College on the one hand, and the “OIL GAS AND CHEMISTRY SERVICE, LTD.” company and  the “Yokogawa Electric CIS” in Ukraine, on the other hand, on March 5, 2015, in the walls of the college a number of up-to-date instruments and means of production automation made by the “Yokogawa Electric” were delivered, in presence of the director – Mr. Grinkevich P.P., Chief Engineer of the “OGC SERVICE, LTD.” Mr. Titko I.M.

In the list of instruments transferred there were modern pressure and differential pressure transducers, microprocessor controller, electronic current controller, six-point electronic recorder, electronic components and materials, technical literature and catalogs of the “Yokogawa Electric” company.

The equipment transferred is intended for use in preparation and execution of graduate projects by graduate students of 2015, in the framework of the competition for the best diploma project announced on September 1.

The “OGC SERVICE, LTD.” company guarantees payment for training of three winners of the contest in one of the leading higher technical educational institutions of Ukraine.

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