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Assistance and support in qualified specialists training

An agreement on collaboration in the field of training and instructing young specialists in industrial process control systems and instrumentation was signed in Kalush, between the “OIL GAS AND CHEMISTRY SERVICE, LTD.”, the “Yokogawa Electric Ukraine, Ltd.’ and Kalush Polytechnic College. The purpose of this cooperation is as follows:

  • increasing the value and prestige of education in the field of automation of technological processes and production;
  • support in bringing the modern management systems closer to science, production and business for more efficient development of the Ukrainian economy;
  • raising the standards of education quality in the field of automation in order to increase the effectiveness of promoting Ukrainian young professionals in the international labor market.

In order to achieve the set goals, the following steps are envisaged:

  • use of modern technologies in educational and scientific processes;
  • joint development of new training programs, courses and laboratory workshops;
  • lecturing by the leading experts in the field of automation;
  • joint management (consultation, review) of diploma works of young professionals;
  • organization and holding of joint conferences, competitions, presentations, etc.

On entering into force, this agreement opens great opportunities for cooperation for all parties that have signed this document. Our organization, hopes very much that thanks to joint efforts, graduates of the Kalush Polytechnic College will take a worthy place in the ranks of young specialists in industrial automation.

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