Инжиниринговая компания «Нефтегазхим Сервис»

Interaction with like-minded people and colleagues

The “OIL GAS AND CHEMISTRY SERVICE, LTD.” company has become a member of the Association of the Industrial Automation Enterprises of Ukraine (APPAU).

The Association of the Industrial Automation Enterprises of Ukraine was founded in 2011. The founders of the APPAU are “Group Technoservice, Ltd.” company, Kyiv, and the IPP “Triada, Ltd.” company, Kharkov.

The Association represents the interests of the Ukrainian community of industrial automation enterprises. It is based on the principles of collaboration and joint solution of common problems inherent in many progressive communities, including those in Ukraine.

The main objectives of the organization:

  • to generate and share ideas for industry development;
  • to establish a dialogue between various stakeholder groups – governmental bodies, final customers, suppliers, system integrators, providers of additional services;
  • to carry out industry insights, to  identify critical problems of development and to propose solutions for them;
  • to produce new services and services for the members of the Association and our partners.

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