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Employees of the “NEFTEGAZKHIM SERVICE” (OIL, GAS AND CHEMISTRY SERVICE) company successfully passed the training program “100% Leadership”

The “OIL, GAS AND CHEMISTRY SERVICE” company constantly strives to improve qualification of its employees, knowing full well that the key to success is the highly qualified personnel. An example of such a development of the staff is training at the training course “100% Leadership”, which took place within March 01 to 02, 2018 at the DTEK Academy (Kyiv).

Aims of training:

  • To develop motivation for managers to develop their own management style.
  • To increase the level of managerial competence in creating a team, generating ideas and solutions.
  • To determine objectively your strengths and weaknesses as the leader.
  • To use in practice the tools of collective management.
  • To understand how leadership is connected with management, what are the sources of the leader’s power and to build up a culture of respect and trust in the company’s subordinates.

At the end of the training, course an exam was conducted, which our employees passed successfully.

We are sure that the theoretical and practical skills obtained will be successfully applied in the daily work of the company and will help in its further dynamic development.

Фото: как сотрудники НЕФТЕГАЗХИМ СЕРВИС прошли тренинг Лидерство на 100%
Фото: как сотрудники НЕФТЕГАЗХИМ СЕРВИС прошли тренинг Лидерство на 100%
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