Инжиниринговая компания «Нефтегазхим Сервис»

“Energy, Ltd.” and “Gas Ukraine” companies

The production capacities of the “Energy, Ltd.” and “Gas Ukraine” companies are territorially located in Odessa and represent a cogeneration unit for combined production of thermal and electric energy with utilization of atmospheric residue of visbreaking (hereinafter referred to as a power unit).

The power unit is designed for combined generation of electric and heat energy for autonomous power supply to consumers. The electric load of consumers, with the simultaneity factor taking into account, is 17.8 MW with possibility of a subsequent increase up to 54 MW with full development. The thermal load of the power unit consumers is: in the steam P = 1.4 MPa, t = 250 °, maximum – up to 70 t/h (winter period, including auxiliarities of the power unit), minimum – 15 t/h (summer period) 3.0 Gcal / h (summer period).

The power unit was put into operation in 2010, it includes the following production sites:

  • diesel-piston units;
  • steam boilers-utilizers;
  • unit for waste gas purification from sulfur oxides;
  • liquid fuel department consisting of:
  • a site for storage of main and reserve fuels and lubricants;
  •  pump room for main and reserve fuels;
  • lime unloading unit;
  • limestone storage silo;
  • limestone slurry preparation;
  • silo storage of gypsum;
  • carbamide warehouse;
  • preparation and dispensing of carbamide solution.
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To generate electricity, two W20V32 diesel-piston units manufactured by WARTSILA (Finland) are used, with a total electric capacity of 17.8 MW. The main fuel for the units is the atmospheric residue of the visbreaking process of tar, the starting fuel is diesel fuel. Reserve fuel: M-100 fuel oil.

Two heat recovery steam generators E-35-13 / 250, produced by CJSC Kharkov Boilermaker enterprise “Kotlenergoproekt” (Kharkov), operating according to the discharge scheme with burning down of flue gases after diesel aggregates, with a total capacity of 70 t/h of superheated steam with the parameters of 1.3 MPa, 250 ° C.

The main fuel for boilers is refinery gas, the atmospheric residue of the visbreaking process, as well as their mixture. Reserve fuel: M-100 fuel oil or natural gas.

Industrial equipment from the leading world manufacturers is used to control the equipment of the power unit.

The automated process control system (APCS) of the power unit is built on the principle of a distributed control system based on “Honeywell” equipment.

The proposed control system “Experion PKS” is built using the controllers C300 of the “Honeywell” company.

The safety and emergency protection system of the power unit is made using highly reliable equipment based on the “Safety Manager”.

In addition, systems of air environmental monitoring, an integrated automated system for early detection and warning in emergency situations are operating on the production sites of the power unit.

The personnel of the “OIL, GAS AND CHEMISTRY SERVICE” company took part in all stages of design, installation and commissioning of automation and emergency protection systems of the power unit. At the moment, they carry out maintenance and repair of the above-listed automation systems, instrumentation and analytical monitoring tools.

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