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“OGC SERVICE, LTD.” took part at the Round-Table meeting of APPAU

“OGC SERVICE, LTD.” Company took part in the Round-Table meeting of APPAU (Association of Enterprises of Industrial Automation of Ukraine) in Kyiv on June 11, 2015.

The aim of the Round Table was discussion of “Agile” – as the best practice in development of software and project management.

The following reports were listened to at the Round Table meeting:

  • Sergei Batyuk, technical director of the “Klinkmann-Ukraine” who described a portrait of a typical System integrator;
  • Alena Priknich, cofounder and business trainer of the E5 agency, who told about principles and advantages of the “Agile” style when developing software;
  • Evgenii Antonov, business-analyst of the JBS company, who told about his own experience in development of software in the large-scale project  with an international company;
  • Aleksandr Zhebryakov, a consultant of a Danish agency “Ciklum Consulting”, who presented approaches of Agile Project management from Terrasoft.

You can find more details about the APPAU’s Round Table on the web page of APPAU association in Facebook.

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