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Practical training in wireless instrumentation equipment produced by the “Yokogawa” company

Technical specialists of the “OGC SERVICE, Ltd.”, together with the staff of the “YOKOGAWA ELECTRIC UKRAINE, Ltd.” company, received training – practical training in wireless instrumentation equipment manufactured by Yokogawa. The training took place in the training center of the “YOCOGAWA ELECTRIC CIS” company, Moscow, under the guidance of experienced teachers.

The “Yokogawa” company is one of the largest developers and manufacturers of equipment and application software in the field of industrial automation and instrumentation, which has won the trust of many customers around the world, including ones in Russia and CIS countries.

Wireless control and instrumentation systems allow the field equipment, as well as control systems, to exchange data over wireless communication. Such systems have a number of advantages, allowing you to place wireless sensors at the points where a cable connection is not possible or difficult for laying. In this case, the need in laying cables is eliminated, which leads to savings in installation costs.

The training program was full of theoretical foundations and practical tasks. The basic knowledge, structure, features of application of the communication protocol ISA 100.11 have been considered. All possible ways of configuration and network settings, design features of pressure and temperature sensors, installation and connection features have been considered. Fundamentals of work with the software complex FieldMate have been acquired, which allows carrying out a wide spectrum of operations with wireless devices, troubleshooting, saving configurations of instrument settings, etc.

Upon completion of training, the relevant certificates have been received.

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