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The “Choice of Ukraine – 2016’ Award is ours!

Dear friends! We are informing of the joyful news. Our company “OGC SERVICE, Ltd.” has won the “Choice of Ukraine 2016” award. According to the regulations, this award is given to enterprises that create a new economy of Ukraine, based on innovative technologies, rather than exploitation of natural resources.

For three years, since the establishment of the “OGC SERVICE” company, we have managed to give life to many of our bold projects in the field of industrial automation of Ukrainian enterprises. The range of services is constantly expanding. For today, we can responsibly state that we provide a full cycle for any object of ACS, starting from design work and ending with its maintenance.

Now our staff already includes more than 200 highly qualified specialists – designers, builders, technologists, service specialists, instrumentation engineers, telecommunication service engineers. We are confident that our team can tackle any task in the field of industrial automation. We have everything required for this – experienced experts, all the necessary permits, a solid material and technical base, a well-functioning effective management system.

“The Choice of Ukraine 2016” is our first and certainly not our last professional award. Keep it up!

Фото: Сертификат Вибір України 2016 OGCS
Фото: Награда Вибір України 2016 OGCS
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