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The “OIL GAS AND CHEMISTRY SERVICE, LTD.” company completed its work on upgrading the automated process control system GFP1 and GFP2 of Shebelynka Gas Condensate and Oil Processing Department PJSC “UKRGAZDOBYCHA” (UkrGasProduction)

PJSC “UKRGAZDOBYCHA” is the largest gas company in Ukraine, as well as the second company in terms of production of oil and gas condensate: the company’s share of the total gas production stands at 68%, oil and gas condensate – 20%. The main processing enterprise in the “UKRGAZDOBYCHA” structure is Shebelynka gas condensate and crude oil processing department (GCOPD).

In 2016, a number of projects were implemented at Shebelynka GCOPD to modernize technological equipment, the final goal of which is production of diesel fuel meeting the European environmental standards EURO 4 and EURO 5.

The transition to diesel fuel production with exclusively European quality was another step on the way to improving the quality of all products produced by Shebelynka GCOPD.

One of such projects was modernization of the APCS (automatic process control system) of GFP1 and GFP2 in Shebelynka GCOPD.

During the tender procedures for the implementation of engineering and commissioning works in the automated process control system, our engineering company – “OGC SERVICE, Ltd.” was selected. As a part of these projects implementation, the specialists of our company performed the following works:

  • upgrade of the software version of the GFP-1 and GFP-2 control system, implemented on the basis of the software-technical complex “DeltaV” of the Emerson company up to version 12.3;
  • Installation, commissioning works to expand the existing system of the automated process control system of GFP1 and GFP2 to the diesel fuel hydrotreater;
  • Development of applied software for the automated process control system for diesel hydrotreater.

All the works have been completed within the timeframe set by the Customer.

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