Инжиниринговая компания «Нефтегазхим Сервис»

The “OIL GAS AND CHEMISTRY SERVICE, Ltd.” company has received the “Star Award of Quality”

In September 2014, the “OGC SERVICE, LTD.” was awarded the “Star Award for Quality” for achieving excellence in business and producing quality goods and services based on the results of the comprehensive  study “Evaluation of 3600“.

The “Star Award for Quality” is a premium brand in the field of festivals and quality competitions in Ukraine, since, on the one hand, it is a premium for quality work in production of goods and services, on the other hand it is a tool for improving business.

The project exists since 2009 and it has undergone a transformation: from the Rating structure solely on the basis of the official data from the statistical bodies of Ukraine, according to the GMP, through the ranking of enterprises in the industry according to Classifier of economic activity (KVED), to comprehensive diagnosis Evaluation 360 °.

The Star of Quality is a unique project on the CIS territory, that combines an award for quality, a comprehensive diagnosis of the enterprise and a motivating package for employees. Each of the 6 sections of the complex diagnosis “Evaluation 360 °” is an autonomous research and Kaizen instrument.

The mission of the project is: to present  companies to the society that have achieved a true superiority in production of quality goods and services, regardless of industry affiliation, providing the company with a tool for improving business and motivating employees.

Objective of the project:

  • comprehensive diagnosis of the enterprise, allowing to get a comprehensive picture of the company’s activity and to find out whether customers, staff, partners and society are satisfied;
  • an objective assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise to determine the priorities for its further development;
  • -realization of strategy “CLIENTS FOR THE WHOLE LIFE”.

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