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WM Ukraine

WM Ukraine is the official representative of AUER Signal GmbH, Bernstein AG, Lm-Therm Elektronik AG, MESKOTEX, Conductix Wampfler GmbH, Weidmuller GmbH, FrigorTec GmbH, Delcon Ltd, and Novkabel AD in Ukraine.

Briefly about these companies:

Фото: Сертификат WM Украина

AUER Signal GmbH supplies signaling devices that are sold in 50 countries. Its products are widely used in protection systems for administrative, agricultural and industrial facilities. Bernstein AG manufactures safety sensors and circuit breakers featuring the highest degree of reliability.

Lm-Therm Elektronik AG produces devices for industrial heating and ventilation systems. It offers a wide range of solutions for creating a comfortable microclimate at the workplace.

MESKOTEX manufactures instrumentation and other automation equipment and provides services for their maintenance.
Conductix Wampfler GmbH is a global leader in energy and data transmission systems.
FrigorTec Gmbh produces industrial air conditioners for cranes and cooling systems for grain storages.

Delcon Ltd manufactures solid-state interface relays that have great advantages over traditional electromechanical relays.
Novkabel AD offers a wide range of medium and low voltage cable products.

OGCS is an official partner of WM Ukraine LLC regarding the use of devices and systems that it supplies. This allows us to use reliable and efficient equipment of the above manufacturers when creating process control systems at various facilities.

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