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According to the results of the National business-rating, the “OIL GAS AND CHEMISTRY SERVICE” company has won golden medal “THE LEADER OF INDUSTRY – 2016”

In 2016, basing on the results of the all-Ukrainian ranking of enterprises working in the design and implementation of industrial process control systems, the “OGC SERVICE, LTD” received the prestigious award – golden medal “THE LEADER OF INDUSTRY – 2016”. This award is given to the companies that made the largest contribution to the development of their industry, and hence the entire economy of the country. As stated in the regulations on this award, it is awarded to companies that have achieved high performance in introduction of innovative technologies that enhance the image of Ukraine and adhere to high social standards.


Receiving the “LEADER OF INDUSTRY – 2016” award is the official recognition of the leading positions of the “OGC SERVICE” in its industry, the recognition that our enterprise offers quality innovative solutions in the field of automated process control systems, it is a reliable business partner fulfilling all its governmental and social obligations. The main topics of the forums were as follows:

To put it bluntly, the victory in the national business rating of the “OGC SERVICE” company means that we are one of the best enterprises in the country in designing and assembling ACS / instrumentation, repairing, servicing and implementing modern automation equipment.

We would like to remind you that the main goal of the national ranking (compiling a national business rating) is to obtain truthful, objective information about any company – its financial status, the volume of tangible assets, the revenues received. All this, along with the analysis of the market, allows you to determine accurately the place of any enterprise in its industry. Drawing up such an objective business rating promotes development of fair competition, that is, creation of advantages for those market participants who objectively produce the best goods and provide the best quality services.

We are confident that the victory in such a prestigious national business rating will serve as a powerful incentive for further development of our enterprise, it will help us to reach new heights in our segment of the market, and to acquire new business partners. After all, cooperation with the industry leader is reliability, quality assurance and strict compliance with all contractual obligations.

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