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Modernization of CAPCS and Instrumentation under conditions of economic crises

The economic crisis affected most industrial enterprises. Its manifestations differ in details, but the result is one – a real deterioration in the financial and economic situation.

Enterprises face the primary task: to increase economic efficiency, with reducing production costs included. One of the tools to reduce costs is to reduce the cost of upgrading and developing APCS – automated process control systems.

APCS functions and purposes of modernization

The existing CAPCS systems can provide achievement of a number of objectives directly related to cost reduction:

  • increase of the efficiency of equipment operation;achievement of
  • optimum indicators of technological objects loading;
  • improvement of final products quality;
  • saving of production and energy resources, etc.
  • Hardware and software of automated control systems ensure the totality and integrity of the system’s actions and directly effect on the economic indicators.

The up-to date automated process control systems allow implementing innovative mechanisms and philosophy of equipment management due to the greater productivity of modern hardware systems and the use of new software control algorithms.

In times of crisis, the modernization of the automated process control system becomes an urgent necessity, as it is one of the main tools for reducing production costs. Modernization or introduction of modern automated process control systems guarantees achievement of the following goals:

  • improvement of the equipment accuracy;
  • increase of the quality of the technological process;
  • optimization of production cycles for obtaining products with specified quality indicators;
  • significant expansion of the range of tasks at all levels of production in the online mode;
  • reduction of the impact of human factors and personnel errors.

Investments to the automation of technological processes make it possible to obtain an effective production management toolkit. Thus, to ensure the achievement of optimal production indicators, the maximum economic efficiency of the enterprise, which is especially important in times of crisis.

Operator’s workstation and the display system of the mnemonic diagrams of the technological process by means of activation of the electronic stylus (production of 1985)

The modern workstation of an operator-technologist which consists of four monitors 24’ and
controls on the technological keyboard and a mouse pointer

Modernization of instrumentation

The use of instrumentation and automation makes it possible to obtain information on both the consumption of resources and the benchmarks of technological processes. The use of the data obtained in the automated process control system makes it possible to build an integral logical solution that ensures the real automation of all the basic operations associated with production technology in order to achieve optimal economic and technical indicators.

Modernization of instrumentation for the installation of modern software and hardware systems (PAK), provides timely reception of control data.

Modern solutions allow transmitting in automatic mode data on key production indicators, which directly effects on the optimization of real production processes.

Modern means of automation ensure implementation of operational management of the full technological cycle. Aggregation of the data from instrumentation in the APCS set allows creating a single information space for effective production management. Up-to-date information on current production processes contributes to the construction of the most efficient production model.

In other words, optimization of production activities due to modernization of the automated process control systems and instrumentation under conditions of crisis can be one of the most urgent areas of reducing production costs.

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