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Reconstruction of the ethylene production unit in “Karpatneftekhim, Ltd.” company


The unit for production ethylene and propylene from diesel fuel, straight run gasoline, butane fraction, wide fraction of light hydrocarbons, liquefied hydrocarbon gases and hydrogenated fraction C4-C5 was put into operation in 1987.

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The developer of the technological process is “Linda” company (Linde AG, Munich).

The developers of the technological project are the Institute OJSC “VNIPINeft” (All-Russian Scientific Research and Design Institute for Industrial Technology- Oil), Moscow, together with “Linda” under Contract No. 46-02 / 38500-117 dd. 08.06.82.

The general designer – Institute “GosNIIHlorproekt” (The State Research Institute Chlorine Project), Moscow;

The designer of the technological part is the Institute OJSC “VNIPINeft”, Moscow.

The design capacity of production:

  • For ethylene – 250,000 tons / year;
  • For propylene – 117 052 tons / year;

The number of technological lines: one.

The technological ethylene production flow diagram is based on the method of high-temperature cracking of diesel fuel, hydrocarbon raw materials, straight-run gasoline, saturated acyclic hydrocarbons, butane fraction, hydrogenated C4-C5 fraction and low-temperature gas separation obtained during the cracking of hydrocarbon fractions.

According to the technical and economic level, the production belongs to the highest category.

Reconstruction and expansion until 2011 were not carried out.

The DCS system has been implemented on the hardware and software of “SIEMENS”.

Input analog signals (AI) – 1727 pcs.
Input discrete signals (DI) – 987 pcs.
Output analog signals (AO) – 571 pcs.
Output discrete signals (DO) – 339 pcs.

The safety and emergency shut-down system is made on the hardware and software of “HIMA” company

Input analog signals (AI) – 500 pcs.
Input discrete signals (DI) – 1000 pcs.
Output discrete signals (DO) – 600 pcs.

The total number of signals – 5724 pcs.

Before reconstruction

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After reconstruction

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