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Our employees, together with representatives of the All-Ukrainian State Scientific and Production Center for Standardization, Metrology and Certification, attended the calibration of the Krone ultrasonic flow meters. This type of flow meters is widely used in natural gas metering. The calibration was carried out by FORCE TECHNOLOGY (Denmark) — one of the few companies in Europe that provides calibration services for flow meters, where the measured medium is natural gas.

In addition to resolving issues related to the development, implementation and upgrade of the process control system, Oil Gas And Chemistry Service, LLC also provides high-quality metrological services:

  • Calibration of measuring equipment and tools of a Customer, including interaction with public institutions in this field;
  • Development / maintenance of all documentation on the measuring equipment of the Customer, its registration with the State Committee for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy;
  • Development / maintenance of calibration schedules;
  • Consultations on metrological matters.
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