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Big Data in Industry: innovations which will have to get used to

The term “Big Data” was first used in 2008 by the editor of “Nature” magazine Clifford Lynch when writing material on the prospects of developing technologies for storing and processing large amounts of data.

By 2010, the first real software and hardware solutions from large companies began to appear (among them IBM, Oracle, Microsoft), allowing to effectively implement Big Data in various business sectors. In this article, we will talk in more detail about one of the industries, namely – large modern industries.

Big Data in Production: The principle of work

Фото: Что относиться к Big Data в промышленности

The technological solutions of Big Data are sets of equipment, software and sets of services. Their introduction and work in production in the general case look like this:

  • installation of sensors, automatic actuators, controllers on the main assemblies and machine parts is carried out;
  • in the process of equipment functioning, a continuous collection, processing and recording of information in various media is carried out;
  • the software presents in a structured fashion and, upon request, provides access to a certain piece of information to a person or artificial intelligence;
  • on the basis  of the analysis of the data obtained, conclusions are drawn, for example, on the state of the equipment, the efficiency of raw materials processing, the quality of the product obtained at the output, and the need to make changes in the production technology.

The main characteristics of any Big Data solution are the amount of information, the speed of its processing and the possible variety of data sources being processed. Also, especially with respect to production, high reliability is required, that is, the accuracy of sensors.

Big Data Efficiency

The task of any manufacturer is to produce the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost price. And the Big Date technology can greatly help in it. Having the ability to monitor information continuously, the production workers will be able:

  • to reduce unplanned operational downtime;
  • to increase the productivity of equipment;
  • to reduce operating costs (consumption of fuel, electricity, consumables);
  • to prevent accidents.

Big Data planning provides an opportunity to develop a global strategy for development of the whole enterprise. And the most effective one. By means of Big Data, you can calculate the payback period of equipment, the prospects for changing the processing modes of operation, reducing or redistributing the  maintenance personnel.

Are the costs for Big Data justified?

Фото: Схема затрат на Big Data

Is it profitable to invest in the Big Data implementation now? Definitely yes. For example, Caterpillar experts say that the annual losses of their distributors due to delays in introduction of new information processing technologies are $ 9-18 billion.

Industry 4.0 dictates its rules – Big Data solutions, as a result of development of the Web-enabled things, change the established business models. To deny this is meaningless. The large industrial enterprises are simply obliged to use new engineering developmentы, otherwise the economic results of the enterprise will fall and sooner or later it will not be able to compete with the more advanced “neighbors in the market”.

If you plan to implement new automation solutions in your production, including those with use of the Big Data, then the “Oil, Gas and Chemistry Service” can help you. Please, we will justify the trust.

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